Conference Topics

A. General Reviews for DEMO, Power Plants and Plant Systems

  • General DEMO reviews and general concepts
  • Integrated design activities and related R&D 
  • Balance of plant and thermodynamic cycles
  • Fusion power plant systems

B.  Experimental Devices and Facilities for Fusion Research

  • Integrated description of experimental devices and facilities for fusion research (contributions on specific matters should be presented under the related topics)
  • General results from experimental devices
    -  Integrated experimental results from fusion devices
    -  Integration and feasibility issues for Long Pulse Operation

C. Plasma Heating and Current Drive

  • Systems and technologies for plasma heating, sustaining and control of plasma current
  • Power transmission and coupling to the plasma
  • Interaction with plasma edge

D. Plasma Engineering, Plasma Control, and CODAC

  • Plasma scenarios and integrated plasma control
  • Disruption mitigation and instabilities control
  • Plasma control systems
  • Control, Data Acquisition, and Communication Systems
  • Remote participation

E. Diagnostics

  • Design, construction, commissioning, and exploitation of diagnostic equipment at facilities for fusion research

F.  Magnets, Cryogenics and Electrical Systems

  • Research and development of magnets for fusion facilities
  • High-temperature superconductors technology
  • Magnet cooling systems
  • High Voltage technologies, electrical insulation and fault prevention
  • Power supply systems for magnets and heating and current drives
  • Electrical power systems
  • Electrical technologies

G. Plasma-Facing Components

  • First Wall, with particular emphasis on divertor, limiters, high flux protection structures
  • High heat flux removal methods
  • Related development of high heat flux materials
  • ITER Shielding Blanket

H. Vessel/in-vessel Engineering and Remote Handling

  • Core systems engineering
  • Vessel design
  • Integration of in-vessel and ex-vessel components
  • Remote handling

I. Fuel Cycle and Breeding Blankets

  • Development of the fuel cycle (inner and outer cycle, fueling, vacuum pumping technology, tritium transport analysis).
  • Design, analyses (thermo-hydraulics, neutronic, structural, etc.) and R&D of Breeding Blanket Systems (incl. Test Blanket Modules and Systems in ITER)
  • Related components and materials (i.e. breeders, neutron multipliers)

J. Materials Technology

  • Structural materials and functional coatings
  • Technology of producing and testing of materials
  • Material modelling
  • Design rules and standards, including neutron effects, etc.

K. Safety and Environment, Socio-economic studies and Technology Transfer

  • Safety and environmental issues of fusion power plant and fusion facilities
  • Socio-economic impact of fusion development  
  • Role of fusion in future carbon-free energy mix
  • Transfer of technology and spin-offs created by fusion-related research
  • Waste management

L. Non-magnetic fusion technologies

  • Laser fusion and alternative proposals

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